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What Rank Is Saitama In Webcomic?


Saitama, the bald superhero who can’t be beaten, has captured fans around the globe with his mind-blowing strength and ability to obliterate any foe with a single punch.

He’s become an iconic figure in the manga and anime realm, but have you ever wondered where he stands in the webcomic that started it all? Let’s plunge into the thrilling world of the webcomic and discover Saitama’s rank.

Brace yourself for the unveiling of Saitama’s true power as we uncover the secret behind his webcomic rank that has taken the world by storm.

What rank is Saitama in webcomic


In the world of “One Punch Man,” heroes are ranked based on their abilities and achievements by the Hero Association. However, when it comes to Saitama, the protagonist of the webcomic, his rank is not explicitly mentioned or defined. In this blog post, we will explore why Saitama’s rank remains a mystery in the webcomic and how his unmatched power sets him apart from other heroes.

Unparalleled Power:

Saitama’s strength is unrivaled in the “One Punch Man” universe. He can defeat any opponent with a single punch, making him virtually invincible. His power is so overwhelming that it becomes a burden for him as he struggles to find opponents who can provide a challenge worthy of his abilities. This sets him apart from other heroes who often struggle to defeat powerful villains.

The Hero Association Rankings:

Within the Hero Association, heroes are ranked from C-class to S-class, with S-class being the highest and most prestigious level. S-class heroes are further categorized by a numerical value from 1 to 6, with 1 being the highest. While other characters hold official rankings within this system, Saitama’s power exceeds the need for such a designation.

The Absence of an Official Rank:

Despite his lack of an official rank, Saitama’s actions speak volumes about his strength and heroism. He consistently saves the world from imminent destruction and displays unwavering dedication to justice. The absence of a rank does not diminish his impact or importance in the webcomic; rather, it emphasizes the incomparable nature of his power.

Differences in Adaptations:

It is important to note that subsequent adaptations like the manga and anime may provide more explicit rankings and details about Saitama’s status. However, these adaptations are based on the original webcomic and its foundation. Therefore, when considering Saitama’s rank in the webcomic, it is essential to recognize his unparalleled strength and the impact he has on the story.

Examining the Hero Association’s Hierarchical Ranking System

Today, let’s delve into the intriguing world of the Hero Association’s hierarchical ranking system and uncover why our beloved bald hero, Saitama, remains a rankless wonder. Strap on your capes and get ready for an exciting adventure.

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The Hero Association’s Hierarchical Ranking System:

The Hero Association classifies its heroes into five distinct categories, each with its own unique set of ranks:

  • C-Class: The starting point for aspiring heroes, where they prove their mettle.
  • B-Class: Heroes who have shown potential and are gaining recognition.
  • A-Class: Heroes who have achieved considerable power and have a track record of success.
  • S-Class: The pinnacle of heroism, where the elite reside.
  • S-Class Rank 1: The highest rank bestowed upon the most exceptional and influential heroes.

Saitama’s Mysterious Absence:

Despite his awe-inspiring power, Saitama remains absent from the official rankings. Let’s explore why:

Non-traditional Entry:

Saitama bypassed the usual arduous process of training and examinations, simply registering himself as a hero without any formalities. His unconventional path may have contributed to his lack of rank.

An Unassuming Appearance:

Saitama’s plain appearance and lack of flashy techniques make it difficult for others to gauge his true abilities. His unparalleled strength, often exhibited through a single punch, goes unnoticed by those who rely on appearances alone.

Flawed Ranking System:

The Hero Association’s ranking system relies heavily on popularity and public perception rather than actual strength or accomplishments. Heroes skilled in self-promotion or marketing can achieve higher ranks, overshadowing Saitama’s true potential.

Unacknowledged Heroism:

Although Saitama lacks official recognition, his strength and heroism are not overlooked by those who truly understand his capabilities. Respected heroes like Silver Fang and the enigmatic Blast have witnessed Saitama’s unrivaled power firsthand and hold him in high regard.

Saitama’s Unrivaled Power and Abilities

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Saitama, also known as the “One Punch Man,” possesses unrivaled power and abilities that make him a truly formidable force in the webcomic. Let’s delve deeper into his extraordinary capabilities and explore what sets him apart from other heroes.

  • Limitless Strength: Saitama’s power is often depicted as limitless, as he can defeat any opponent with a single punch. His intense training regimen, consisting of daily 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10-kilometer run, has honed his strength to unimaginable levels. This means that no matter how strong or invulnerable an enemy may be, they are no match for Saitama’s overwhelming power.
  • Incredible Speed and Agility: In addition to his immense strength, Saitama possesses exceptional speed and agility. He can move at lightning-fast speeds, allowing him to outmaneuver opponents effortlessly. His agility also grants him the ability to dodge attacks with ease, making it nearly impossible for enemies to land a hit on him.
  • Indomitable Durability: Saitama’s durability is another aspect of his unrivaled power. He can withstand immense amounts of damage without being fazed, further cementing his status as an unstoppable force. Bullets bounce harmlessly off his skin, and even powerful attacks from formidable foes barely scratch the surface.
  • Anticlimactic Battles: One peculiar aspect of Saitama’s power is that it often leads to anticlimactic battles. Since he can defeat enemies effortlessly, fights tend to end abruptly and without much fanfare. This comedic element adds a unique twist to the story and highlights the stark contrast between Saitama and other heroes who struggle against powerful foes.
  • Internal Conflict and Yearning for a Challenge: Despite his unmatched strength, Saitama often struggles with feelings of boredom and dissatisfaction. His power has made him jaded, as he yearns for a challenge that can truly test his abilities. This internal conflict adds depth to his character and drives the narrative forward as he searches for opponents worthy of his strength.

Assessing Saitama’s Rank in the Webcomic

If you’re a fan of the popular manga series “One Punch Man,” then you’re probably familiar with the enigma that is Saitama’s rank in the webcomic. As an expert on this topic, I’m here to delve into this complex subject and shed some light on why Saitama’s rank is a reflection of the underlying theme of the series.

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Breaking Down the Hierarchy

In the world of “One Punch Man,” heroes are ranked based on their abilities and accomplishments. The ranking system consists of several classes, with S being the highest and C being the lowest. Each class is further divided into numerical ranks, with higher numbers indicating a higher level of power and skill.

Saitama: The Unparalleled Powerhouse

Saitama, also known as “Caped Baldy,” is often portrayed as an average-looking individual. However, his true power lies in his ability to defeat any opponent with a single punch. This overwhelming strength has made it difficult to accurately assess his rank within the webcomic.

The Unseen Powerhouse

Throughout the series, Saitama consistently proves himself to be far more powerful than any hero or villain he encounters. He effortlessly defeats foes who are considered high-ranking and formidable opponents. Despite his incredible power, Saitama remains classified as a C-Class hero, the lowest rank in the hero association.

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Recognition and Reputation

One factor contributing to Saitama’s low rank is his lack of recognition and reputation. He often goes unnoticed or receives little credit for his heroic deeds, which prevents him from climbing up the ranks. While other heroes bask in the limelight, Saitama quietly continues to save the day without seeking recognition.

Rules Were Meant to be Broken

Another reason for Saitama’s low rank is his nonchalant attitude towards the hero association’s rules and protocols. He often ignores or disregards their guidelines, which hinders his advancement in rank. Saitama operates on his own terms, refusing to conform to the expectations and restrictions imposed by the hero association.

The Deeper Meaning

Saitama’s low rank in the webcomic is not a true reflection of his abilities. His immense strength and unbeatable power far surpass those of heroes ranked in higher classes. However, this classification serves as a commentary on the limitations and flaws of ranking systems and societal expectations.

The underlying theme of “One Punch Man” is a critique of hierarchical societies, where power and recognition are often tied to one’s rank or status. Saitama represents the idea of breaking free from these confines and finding fulfillment beyond societal expectations. His journey challenges the notion that power and rank define a person’s worth, instead emphasizing personal growth, self-fulfillment, and finding purpose beyond external validation.

Understanding the Context of Saitama’s Rank

In the world of “One Punch Man,” Saitama’s rank serves as a narrative device that challenges conventional understandings of strength and heroism. Despite his incredible power, Saitama is consistently ranked low by the Hero Association due to various factors. This context adds depth to the story and highlights important themes throughout the webcomic series.

Underestimation by the Hero Association

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One of the main reasons for Saitama’s low rank is the constant underestimation by the Hero Association. They fail to accurately gauge his true abilities, often attributing his victories to luck or coincidence. This underestimation showcases the flaw in relying solely on a ranking system to determine one’s worth or capabilities.

Lack of Flashy Fighting Techniques

Another reason for Saitama’s low rank is his simplistic fighting style. He defeats his opponents with a single punch, making his battles appear anticlimactic compared to other heroes who showcase more elaborate fighting techniques. This lack of flashiness leads to a misunderstanding of his true power and contributes to his low rank.

Lack of Interest in Fame and Recognition

Saitama’s lack of interest in fame and recognition also plays a role in his low rank. He becomes a hero for fun and to pass the time, not seeking accolades or attention. He prefers to live a simple life without the burden of being a well-known hero. This lack of ambition prevents him from actively pursuing higher ranks or participating in missions that would boost his reputation.

Contrast between Power and Rank

Despite his low rank, Saitama’s power is unmatched. He effortlessly defeats powerful enemies that even high-ranking heroes struggle against. This stark contrast between his actual capabilities and his perceived rank within the Hero Association creates tension and frustration for both Saitama and other characters in the series.

Critique of Superhero Tropes

The context of Saitama’s rank serves as a critique of superhero tropes and the obsession with rankings and power levels. It challenges the notion that strength can be accurately measured or that it guarantees success in the world of heroes. The story emphasizes that true strength and heroism cannot be defined by a mere ranking system but rather by one’s actions, motivations, and inner values.

The Humorous Element Behind Saitama’s Low Rank

Today, we’re diving into the humorous element behind Saitama’s low rank in the webcomic series. Prepare for a laughter-filled exploration of how this low-ranking hero brings joy and satire to the story.

The Hero Association’s Ranking System:

The Hero Association ranks its heroes based on various factors like physical abilities, popularity, and track record. However, Saitama’s immense power is overshadowed by his lack of showmanship and flashy fighting style. It’s like judging a book by its cover.

Plain Appearance and Stereotypes:

With his bald head and plain appearance, Saitama doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional hero. In a world where looks matter, his appearance becomes a target for ridicule and underestimation. But hey, looks aren’t everything.

Lack of Self-Promotion:

Unlike other heroes who actively seek fame and publicity, Saitama couldn’t care less about recognition or rewards. He’s content with doing what he believes is right without seeking approval. Talk about being humble.

Unfazed by Societal Expectations:

Despite his low rank, Saitama effortlessly defeats powerful enemies without breaking a sweat. It’s like watching David defeat Goliath over and over again. The contrast between his low rank and unmatched strength creates hilarious situations that keep us hooked.

A Critique on Society:

Saitama’s low rank serves as a critique on societal norms and superficiality. The series challenges the idea that power and rank always go hand in hand, reminding us that true strength lies in actions and values rather than external appearances.

The Impact of Saitama’s Nonchalant Attitude on His Rank

Today, we’re delving into the intriguing topic of Saitama’s nonchalant attitude and its impact on his rank within the esteemed Hero Association. Despite possessing unimaginable power, our beloved protagonist finds himself at the bottom of the rankings. But fear not, for we shall explore why Saitama’s laid-back demeanor plays a significant role in his low standing.

Lack of Ambition and Recognition:

Saitama’s nonchalant attitude is a key factor in his low rank. Unlike other heroes who are driven by ambition and relentlessly pursue recognition, our caped baldy became a hero purely out of curiosity. He fights monsters simply because it brings him fulfillment, without any desire for higher ranks or glory.

Underestimation by Others:

Saitama’s unassuming appearance and indifferent demeanor often lead others to underestimate him. Heroes and villains alike fail to recognize his true strength, dismissing him as weak or inconsequential. This contributes to his low rank as assessments conducted by the Hero Association fail to accurately measure his unparalleled power.

Contrast with Competitive Heroes:

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In a world brimming with fiercely competitive heroes striving to climb up the ranks, Saitama’s nonchalant attitude sets him apart. While others relentlessly chase after higher rankings, he remains unfazed and focused solely on becoming stronger. This stark contrast further solidifies his low standing within the Hero Association.

Commentary on Superficial Ranking Systems:

Saitama’s low rank serves as a humorous critique on the limitations of a hierarchical system in accurately measuring true power. Despite his unimpressive official ranking, he effortlessly defeats opponents that even the highest-ranked heroes struggle against. This disparity highlights the flaws of relying solely on numerical rankings to gauge strength.

How Saitama Challenges Traditional Notions of Heroism

In this blog post, we will explore how Saitama challenges traditional notions of heroism through his unassuming appearance, lack of recognition, humility, unconventional methods, and portrayal of heroism as a part-time endeavor.

Unassuming Appearance vs. Immense Strength:

  • Saitama’s ordinary appearance, with his bald head and plain yellow jumpsuit, challenges the common image of a physically imposing hero.
  • Despite his unassuming appearance, he possesses unparalleled strength and can defeat any opponent with a single punch.
  • This stark contrast challenges the notion that heroes must look a certain way to be considered heroic and powerful.

Lack of Recognition:

  • Despite his extraordinary abilities, Saitama remains relatively unknown and is often overshadowed by more popular heroes.
  • This challenges the idea that true heroism requires fame and recognition from society to be validated.
  • It highlights the importance of genuine intentions and actions rather than seeking external validation.


  • Saitama’s humility is evident in how he downplays his own abilities and attributes his victories to luck rather than skill.
  • This challenges the stereotype of heroes being boastful and arrogant.
  • It emphasizes that true heroism lies in selflessness and putting others’ well-being before personal glory.

Unconventional Methods:

  • Saitama often employs unconventional approaches to solve problems and defeat villains.
  • He relies more on wit, strategy, and clever tactics rather than brute force alone.
  • This challenges the notion that heroes must always resort to violence or aggression to achieve their goals.

Part-Time Heroism:

  • Unlike traditional heroes who dedicate their lives entirely to fighting crime, Saitama balances heroics with everyday tasks like grocery shopping and paying bills.
  • This portrayal challenges the idea that heroism must be a full-time endeavor.
  • It suggests that heroism can coexist with a normal, everyday life.

Why Saitama’s Class C Rank 2 Does Not Reflect His True Power

In the webcomic series One Punch Man, Saitama is initially depicted as a Class C hero with a rank of However, this ranking does not accurately represent his true power. Let’s break down the reasons why Saitama’s rank fails to capture his incredible abilities.

  • One Punch Power: Saitama possesses the ability to defeat any opponent with just one punch. This unparalleled strength makes all fights completely one-sided and devoid of any challenge for him. He finishes battles in an instant, leaving everyone stunned by his sheer power.
  • Lack of Recognition: Despite single-handedly taking down numerous powerful villains and saving countless lives, Saitama rarely receives the credit he deserves. The Hero Association, responsible for ranking heroes, fails to acknowledge his accomplishments. This lack of recognition prevents him from ascending to a higher rank that reflects his true capabilities.
  • Unassuming Appearance: Saitama’s bald head and ordinary attire do not match the traditional image of a powerful hero. Many people underestimate him based solely on his physical appearance, perpetuating the misconception that his rank accurately represents his abilities.
  • Unwavering Determination: Saitama’s mental fortitude and unwavering dedication to being a hero are equally remarkable. Despite facing boredom and dissatisfaction due to the lack of worthy opponents, he remains committed to protecting others. This determination showcases his true character and highlights the vast potential he possesses.


In the webcomic, Saitama’s rank is a topic of much speculation and debate among fans. However, it is important to note that the concept of rank in the webcomic differs from that of the hero association in the anime and manga adaptations.

Saitama’s power level far surpasses any conventional ranking system. His strength is so immense that he can defeat any opponent with a single punch, making him virtually unbeatable. Despite his incredible abilities, Saitama remains unrecognized by the hero association due to various circumstances.

While other heroes strive to climb the ranks and gain recognition for their efforts, Saitama’s lack of official recognition does not diminish his status as one of the most powerful characters in the webcomic. He may not have a formal rank, but his strength speaks for itself.

In conclusion, Saitama’s rank in the webcomic cannot be easily defined or confined within traditional categories.